Dear Reader,

Welcome to Empowered Wanderer!

You have entered a space full inspiration and inclusion. A space absent of expectation. A space that reminds you how valuable you and your own unique journey toward joy and freedom are!

Now let’s keep moving forward!

EMPOWERED WANDERER IS HERE TO: empower you to navigate through fears and expectations, so you can discover your strength and joy through wandering this incredibly rad world.

I will be your travel partner as you begin your own wanderings. And together we will explore this world together. Whether it’s around the block to the park, up the nearby mountain, or across the ocean, I am here to support and inspire you!

Look for new posts on Wandering Wednesdays (World Wanderings) and Feminist Fridays (Feminist Wonderings)!

Interested in additional support and inspiration? I also offer personalized coaching and customized resources for your own unique journeys; as well as retreats, check them out HERE.

Sending you all love and light - hopefully you can feel it radiating through your screens - and very warm welcome to Empowered Wanderer!

With gratitude and hugs,