Howl Often

Interested in Joining A Network of Wild Women?

Try Howl Often

Howl Often is a community of women who inspire each other to get out in nature for self-empowerment.

Empowered Wanderer was featured on Howl Often in July of 2018, in a post title: A Trek to Empowerment.

Working with Howl Often was an incredible experience, a beautiful working relationship was built! Expect to see more guest posts in the future.

Check out Howl Often and my post, A Trek to Empowerment today!


Interested in expanding your empowerment network? Here are some excellent resources and women to follow!


Interested in Body Love and Empowerment?

Try: Sagittarius Soul

Alex Waggoner, is the face and name behind Sagittarius Soul. She is located in Tampa, Florida.

She runs an incredible blog, with new posts every week. She writes about finding unconditional self-love through living each moment to its fullest.

Alex Says:

“We are all capable of living a life that we love, and I am committing my life to helping others find their passion and zest for this lil’ thing we call life.”

For guidance about self-love, body-love, eating disorders and recovery visit Sagittarius Soul’s website, Facebook or Instagram.


Interested in Empowerment Photo Shoots?

Try: Brooke Lambe

Brooke Lambe is a North West Native!

She is 26 years old, living her life to the fullest. Armed with a van, a laptop, a camera, and a dream to turn her passion into something truly amazing.

Brooke is a talented photographer and wanderer. She has an amazing skill for capturing women’s strength and beauty with her camera.

Currently located in the South West Brooke would love to share her gifts with you through an Empowerment Photoshoot.

**When booking an empowerment shoot with Brooke, please let her know that you found her through Many thanks lovely humans!