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Wandering Women's Retreat

Dear Reader,

Our Wandering Women's Retreat was held on the Nooksack River. We were surrounded by Evergreens, Waterfalls and PNW Autumn Air.

It was a beautiful group of eleven women! The community and connection bred at this event was beautiful and inspires me to hold more in the future.

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Here is some information about the Wandering Women’s Retreat to help you better understand the Events I host and co-host.

Special shoutout to Brooke Lambe for Co-Hosting the Wandering Women’s Retreat with me.

Photos of The Retreat

By Brooke Lambe

Video Tour of The Retreat

By: Alex Waggoner

Shoutout to Alex Waggoner for this beautiful video of the Retreat!

Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you so much for being such inspiring and empowering women, the both of you. I am so proud and grateful to call you two my friends. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into this retreat, it was amazing! - Alex Waggoner

I loved my time spent in the woods with these ladies! Annalise is a very talented and capable facilitator- creating a safe space for women to process their emotions and experiences and movement in a way that feels authentic and vulnerable and wild. Brooke is a gifted photographer, capturing the real & raw beauty that lives in each one of us. Together they created a magical retreat environment full of love, acceptance and connection- to our deep, real selves, each other, and nature. I highly recommend attending a retreat with these ladies if you get the opportunity! - Lindsay Worley