Gratitude - A Healing Practice

Dear Readers,

Today, I will write you a short post, bubbling full of gratitude for the wild life I am living, and for each one of you!

Some days, gratitude is simple. Everything in our lives seems to unfold in a beautiful and magical way. We give thanks because everything is easy. We give thanks because we are filled with joy and love for our lives.

But, if we learn to give thanks on the days when our cars leak fluid, our necks have unforgiving kinks, or the people we love most fall ill, we learn the true ability of gratitude to heal us.

Last night, I fell asleep listing my gratitudes. I was swept up in a sore throat, and a bit of anxiety. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I turned to gratitude to flip the script. As I made a mental list my heartbeat slowed, my mind stopped spinning and my body curled calmly around a pillow.

So, I want to share my gratitude with you. I want to share it not only so it’s written and concrete, but also so it becomes habit for us all. May we all list our gratitudes each day. Especially when it feels most difficult.

So, I am grateful for:

  1. Kitty snuggles

  2. Turkey Dinners

  3. My sweet friend Alex and her family for giving me a home and so much love and care

  4. Wool socks knit with my love

  5. My body — may I listen to its’ aches and pains and the stories they have to tell, may I give it more rest and heal it lovingly

  6. Workouts — surrounding myself with strong women

  7. Salt water pools

  8. Wine

  9. Luna — my roadtrippin’ queen

  10. My supportive family — boy do they love me no matter what, and totally support my nomad life!

  11. My body hair and smelly pits and feet

  12. Eggs — and the ability to cook them so easily on a real stove top

  13. 12 hours of sleep

  14. Lemons for my water

  15. HUGS!

I could go on and on, but for now I will stop and say, I am thankful for the list above, for you, sweet readers, and for so much more!

May we all find gratitude, may it heal us, may it lift our spirits and calm our minds. And may we find it, not only on Thanksgiving (weekend), but every day!

With love,