Birthday Suit Photo Shoot - Body Reclamation

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Dear Readers,

Today I want to talk about my choice to share my body with the social media world. It’s one that I have mixed feelings about.

On one hand, for me, sharing my natural body with mother nature is an important way for me to connect with our wild world. It grounds me to where I am, frees me, and allows me to fall deeper in love with my body.

Moreover, Empowered Wanderer is created in large part to empower women. I aim to assist women in loving their bodies for their strength, curves, stretch marks, wobbly knees, and sun-kissed noses. I am to spread the message of reclamation. Our bodies belong to us... they are ours to love, to worship, and ours to share with those we trust in the ways that feel good to us.

Body reclamation and liberation are totally key for me! So portraying that through my creative work for the world to see, is important.

But on the other hand, the internet is a wonky place. Putting myself out there to be seen on social media invites some attention I would rather not field. Creepy messages, odd accounts following me, it takes a lot to shut those folks down and clarify my intent.

Getting into my birthday suit is not about my sexuality, at least not when I’m taking photos in nature and posting them on social media. Instead, it’s about connecting with this wild world, as the wild woman I am. And in turn inspiring other women to connect with their bodies.

In classic Annalise fashion, I wrote a poem about it and wanted to share it with you, in hopes you would find one line that speaks to you and helps you claim and love your own body.

My body is beautiful,

sculpted by Mother nature herself.

My body is not

your sexual canvas.

The only hands permitted to paint

masterpieces upon her

are my own

and those I invite.

My body is strong

she has weathered storms,

lifted barbells,

climbed boulders,

and hiked mountains.

My body gets tired,

moves slow,

asks to be fed,

and rested.

My body sprouts pimples on her shoulders,

adopts fat on her belly,

wrinkles on her forehead,

and cellulite on her thighs.

My body is more than a photo on Instagram.

My body has words to speak.

and in the quiet of the Evergreens,

in the whispering of desert winds,

I hear them,

I hear her.

And all the other voices fade away.

May you all remember: your body is yours. How you choose to share it. What you choose to do with it. Where you choose to get naked. How you choose to love it. Those are your decisions, and yours alone.

With love,