Dear Reader,

I must admit, my Feminist Friday posts have been lacking. I’ve been swamped with work and clearly, I have not been practicing enough self care. Because, honestly, writing to you is one of the best forms of love and medicine I give myself. So here’s an extra Feminist Friday post for you today. A short little ode to my body and the forest upon it - with a nice dose of sass thrown from good measure.

Why does the hair on my body offend you?

Why do you push pink razors into my hands and beg me to remove the vines that sprout from my skin?

Why do you insist on disgust, when you so willingly bury your shoulder’s between my legs and wander through the forest that grows there?

Why do your words contradict your desires?  

We were both taught lessons about beauty. Taught that women’s hairy bodies were undesirable. Untouchable. Unwanted.

Well, I set those lessons free long ago.

Why don’t you stop pretending you still believe them?

That’s all for now! Next post coming Friday!

Love to you all from this hairy woman,