Too Often

Dear Readers,

Too often I ask myself, "Was I prettier then?"

When I plucked the lush forest that lives on my body.

When I bleached the curly waves that grow from my head.

When I strapped my breasts tightly to my chest, pushed them together, just hoping someone would notice.

When I hid my face under powder and my eyes behind lashes.

When I spent my days doing ab isolations, instead of roaming mountain tops.

Was I prettier then?


Why? Because I am happier now.

With wild hairs wandering across my skin!

Breasts free to roam!

A face unburdened by goo, finally able to soak up the sunshine!

And damn, uninhibited happiness is the most beautiful look of all!


So, folks on those days when I ask myself the ever-repeating question, "Was I prettier then" I remind myself of the answer. Impossible.


With love,