An Empowered Network

Dear Readers,

This weekend I took a 24 hour solo retreat to the North Cascades with Gypsy Rita. After having Gypsy for nearly 9 months this was the first time we'd adventured without anyone else! This is for a number of reasons:

  1. My partner is game to adventure
  2. Gypsy is a bit of a boat to drive - and to be honest it's scary to drive her on windy roads
  3. If she should break down outside cell-reception range I am a ill-equipped to fix her up
  4. Finally, sleeping in the van alone is a ilttle spooky

But as I move toward a life on the road with Gypsy I know that these are fears I must set free. So, this weekend I drove on narrow roads around winding corners, I lost all reception on my phone and didn't talk to anyone for 24 hours, and I slept soundly in my van all alone - she may have a little oil leak but it's time to take her in for some work no crisis there thank goodness! 

This weekend I took time to be silent, to generate so many beautiful topics to write about in the coming weeks, I explored new trails, discovered backpacking camps a miles off an incredible path, I painted and felt my grandpa there with me, I cared for myself deeply and read books about self-love and empowerment. Now I am home with my partner's cat (aka my adopted son and love of my life) sharing my experiences with you!

The more I share, the more impact I truly begin to see! I take trips like the one I took this weekend, not only to empower myself, but also to empower YOU! I write to support you, to inspire you to set your fears free, push your limits and truly sink into yourself.

I empower myself so I can inspire a network of empowered wandering women!

And I truly see it happening! It is the biggest gift I could receive. These past few weeks I have seen it all begin to take shape:

  1. A good friend from high school messaged me a picture a few weeks ago of her solo adventure - she wrote to me explaining that she was apprehensive at first but felt inspired by my posts
  2. Another gal from high school explored Zion and we were able to reconnect about our experiences wandering through the dessert
  3. A girlfriend, feeling called to action by my pictures of Diablo Lake reached out for wandering advice 
  4. A family member messaged me today and put it on her bucket list to take the same naked, yoga pose photo atop Thunder Knob trail that I took last weekend
  5. One of my best Bellingham friends is heading out on her own road trip across the US in early Fall and just spent a few nights solo on Orcas - on her Instagram our mutual friend commented on her photo, "You're spending too much time with Annalise!"

Yes! You're damn right she's spending time with me, and I'm so incredibly proud of her and all these other wandering queens!

What a huge gift to watch this network of empowered wanderers emerge around me! We all have this beautiful, natural fire inside of us - each one different and unique - but if I can simply light the spark in each of you, or unlock something new about your fire, my goal is achieved! 

In short, I feel blessed to see this network evolve, to be a part of it and share in the goodness! May we all empower ourselves and one another in order to expand this beautiful network!

From one empowered wanderer to another,

Annalise :)