Dear Reader,

As promised, I want to share a little more about my evening at Teddy Bear Cove on Monday. Although all the locals know and love the cove, famous for bioluminescence, sandy college romps, and hammocks strung about like streamers at sunset...I know it as my second home. 

Teddy bear always has a spot waiting just for me. And although I love cozying up in that spot, inevitability I almost always end up in the water. I am rarely found leaving the cove with dry hair. Monday was no exception.

After sitting and writing in my little rock cave, I made my way over to the sandy beach. It was a rainy night - there were only a few cars parked in the top lot and I'd only crossed paths with two other people.

As I stood on the beach I looked up to the rainy sky and felt cold droplets bounce off my skin. I heard voices in the distance and the whistle of a faraway train. But even with the rain, and the distant whistle, I was ready to swim.

I stepped out of my pants and wriggled out of my cozy sweatshirt until I was free, and from there, I was off. Running for the sea.

I waded into the cool water, dunked my head into the ocean and spun myself in circles. I felt fresh, free, and yes, a little freezing. But it was exactly what I needed.

Naked, floating in the ocean, entirely exposed, I felt more at home, more safe, and more present with myself than I had in weeks.

As I got out of the water and wrapped my towel around my the passenger train whizzed by - I laughed with joy at the passengers. Hoping that one of them saw me and was called to free themselves and wander boldly as well!

Not five minutes later, a young man walked onto the beach. He me found sitting on a log, pantless. As I slipped on my leggings - my sweatshirt over my lap - he made small talk, asking me meaningless questions. When I proceeded to leave, he asked me for my name and number.

I was taken aback. So I paused and thought about my response."You know what? NOPE! I don't belong to you!" I said.

Your disruption does not define my time here. I am still safe. I am still buzzing with light. I am still leaving this beautiful beach soaking wet and filled with joy.

Your disruption was a minor blip in a beautiful night. 

And here's what I want to say to you now... 

Get naked! Play in the sand. Jump in the ocean. Run down the railroad tracks (but listen for the train please). Wave to gob-stopped passengers. Embrace your body. Embrace your desires. Live in a way that makes you feel so good you could burst. No creepy disruptive dude should ever take that away from you! You are a goddess, embrace it and your power to stand strong in your time, and in your "no!"

With love,