Women Empowering Women

Dear Reader,

I thought we'd start this weekend off right, with some love and appreciation for the women in my life!

I haven't released a post in a week and a half - I am admittedly very behind. My motivation is hiding in the hole I long to crawl into. A deep, cushy, beautiful hole, blanketed by evergreen trees. But instead of running off to join my motivation, the women in my life have helped call it back home.

I aim to fill my posts with honesty. And if I'm being totally real, this past week has been hard. I've been showing Gypsy to potential buyers. I re-opened some deeply rooted trauma. And my colleague just quit and left us short-staffed and overwhelmed. Needless to say, I am a little tapped out. 

But even through all the craziness, I am blessed to have a tribe of women who are truly empowered, and in turn have made it their mission to empower other women. Including myself.

On Sunday, I walked around Fairhaven with one of my best friends, Alex. We talked about ways to promote one another, different video series we could team up on, and various materials and guides we could provide to our network of followers. 

On Monday, this same sweet friend sent me the most loving, motivational message, completely out of the blue - it made my whole day manageable!

On Tuesday I opened Instagram to see a post from a wandering photographer friend. She is launching a project called: "The Empowerment Project." Within an hour we were texting about a collaboration and a shared vision we have both been manifesting for months!

On Wednesday I opened my inbox to an email for Howl Often about my guest post...focused on none other than, EMPOWERMENT. Within the 10 minutes I took to email them back, ideas began flowing through my fingertips.

It is so common for women to compare themselves to one another. So often, we find ourselves in competition. But if we take a step back from this, if we learn to see other women's accomplishments as beautiful and powerful, we are able to grow together.

We all have something so unique, so individual, to bring to the table. If we simply combine our power, we achieve such incredible change and movement! 

Without these women in my life I wouldn't be writing this post. My motivation would be off, digging my hobbit hole even deeper. But because of these empowered women I am, yes still exhausted, but also, SO JAZZED about the collaborations coming right around the corner.

Here's to women empowering women. To coming together to create a network of warrior women. To turning the tide together! I can't wait to share all these beautiful collaborations with you soon!

There is so much good to come lovely people!

Thank you for all your support! 

With love,