Wandering Women's Retreat

Dear Reader,

I seem to be moving in a million directions all at once, and as a result this Feminist Friday post is a few hours late. However, here it is nonetheless. And ya'll, I'm pretty jazzed about it!

Amongst all the chaos (selling the van, quitting my job, moving out of my partners place, picking up a new car, trip prepping and blog writing) I found myself deeply rooted in on Thursday. I spent the day with Brooke Lambe and Alex Waggoner. We sang loudly to Whitney Houston, Dixie Chicks and Sugarland - and I mean loud, the kind of singing you reserve for showers and solo road-trips. We laughed freely - allowing our heads to drop back and our mouths to open wide. We got naked without fear, armed with love for our bodies and one another, and swam in the river. We danced until we were coated in sweat and happiness. And we talked about how excited we felt to do the same with YOU!

I feel best with strong, intelligent, loving women around me, to push me, to hug me, to laugh and shout with me, to create and explore with me. It fills my soul with a kind of joy, unmatched by any other.

So, Brooke and I are hosting a retreat to capture that joy and spread it around to each of you. Our sweet friend Alex has has been instrumental in helping us to scout locations, and make the video below - she is even flying back from Florida to join the retreat - her spirit is one I so deeply admire. She was called to be a part of the retreat, and so she trusted and followed that call, even though it meant taking a chance, buying a plane ticket, and wandering this world. So I implore you all to watch our video, ask us questions, and if you are called...please follow your own call too!

Early Registration ends Monday the 20th -- if you're interested reach out to me by phone, email, Facebook or Instagram and we will send you the link for early registration! We are limiting the group size to a maximum of 15 women. 

If you're curious about Brooke's photography here's a sample of a few goddess shots we took Thursday - fresh faced, hair sopping and spirit singing with joy - she captures my soul so beautifully in these shots! Also visit her Instagram: @wa_nderluster or website brookelambe.com

I love you all and feel deep gratitude for your commitment to reading Empowered Wanderer. I hope to share space with you in person soon and empower you through connection in a whole different way!


With love,