Goddess Gang

Goddess Gang - Calling All Babes

Dear Reader,

This week I’ve been writing a lot about what home looks like for me. On Wednesday I shared a little insight in my post: Home Is Where You Make It. I wrote about my struggle to calm my wandering heart, and my eventual realization that my heart is free to wander in and out of beautiful and powerful homes and communities around the world.

Well ya’ll, as I wander in and out of these homes and communities I intertwine with incredible groups of women. Healers, dancers, yogis, creatives, hikers, empowered freakin’ QUEENS! And sometimes I simply appreciate these women’s power from afar, while other times I dive right in.

During my unexpectedly long stay in Dallas, I have timidly chosen to dive in.

I’m staying on a property where two other goddess have claimed space. During the days filled with spring sunshine and brisk wind, it is just us (and three cats of course). It is a space of the divine feminine, of tarot card reading, naked sun bathing and open door policies. And folks, it is pure magic.

As I said, I timidly dove in, as I often do, if I dive at all.

As a solo-female traveler I am accustomed to my solitude, to days spent alone and long walks kept company only by podcasts. So, when I arrived home from one of these said walks and found two women sitting on the front porch, I spoke to them. And to my surprise the words that came out of my mouth sounded a bit like this: “If ya’ll want to hangout just come tap on my door.” And with smiles on their faces they told me to join them.

Something deep within my being told me that this spot (Dallas) was for connecting rather than appreciating from afar.

Here, in Dallas, I was meant to dive into a beautiful community of intuitive women, of tea dates and back rubs and dancing, of support and travel plans, of all the rad energy empowered women bring forward.

I am grateful to have listened to my yes, to have mumbled uncommon words, to have connected, and to have expanded my tribe.

Eventually, I will hop in Luna and drive away from Dallas, at least for some time.

But these female friendships, they will not fade into the distance, I will carry with me to each and every home I find across the globe.

Here’s to growing tribes of traveling women.

Here’s to you and your tribe.

Here’s to me and mine.

With love,