Rerouting and Rerooting

Rerouting and Rerooting.png

Dear Reader,

After 7 months of car-living, national park exploring, river showering, budget airline hopping and answering to absolutely no one but myself, I have returned home to the land of my youth.

Washington State welcomed me back a little over 30 days ago. And to be honest, it was a rocky welcome, full of awkward reintroductions to a life I once found familiar, way too many questions, and an absolute overload of people, tasks and buildings.

And quite frankly, I only made it harder for myself.

I’ve always been the type of person who commits 100%. When I left Washington to circle solo around the globe, I drove away from a life I wasn’t happy in and committed full out to life on the road, no looking back.

Similarly, when I returned home, I immediately unpacked my car, rifled through my storage unit and attempted to return to a life in Washington, without skipping a beat.

But it was too much. 7 months solo on the road had transformed me in beautiful and unexpected ways. I couldn’t return to my old life, old habits, or old routines. I’d left them behind for a reason.

Once I stopped pushing myself so hard, a few things fell into place.

For me, it’s been a rerouting and rerooting marriage.

Rerouting away from my old life in WA into a new existence here, filled with more autonomy, wilderness, adventure and independence — components I came to love on the road. And also rerouting away from the idea of 100% commitment and going all in. Instead, I’ve learned to slow my roll and ease back into rerooting. I’ve rerooted into the parts of home I truly love, my family and friends, the mountains and the sea.

This week I made a video for you all about this transition — because it is arguably easier to listen than to read… I know, I know, this pen and paper millennial is attempting to keep up with the times.

In this weeks video I speak in depth about my transition home and the important lessons I’ve learned. Wanderers often talk about leaving, and rarely talk about coming home. So today, I am bringing voice to the unspoken side of the journey:

If you have specific questions about transitioning to life at home (on the road, or anywhere in between) please message me here through my email forum or on social @empoweredwanderer.

Sending love and ease to all of you!

Happy Feminist Friday! I told myself this was a Feminist Friday post because it was on self-care, so do me a favor and let the category lines blur this week!