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Dear Reader,

In honor of Mother’s Day I am sharing a video I recorded about motherhood. I am not personally a mother, and believe it or, that is exactly what this post is about: my choice to postpone bearing babies.

I sit in my tiny-cabin, on a remote piece of land, tucked in the midst of hundreds of miles of National Forest land. I am alone here, absent of a partner, children, or even fur babies (however, a cat is soon to come). I have created a life full of independence, adventure, dance, travel and time connecting with nature. I wake up every morning and breath in the smell of pine trees and rich soil. I go to bed each night gazing at stars unpolluted by light. I am happy here, and each day I sink further in.

However, this is not the life I pictured for myself, long ago. In fact, this is not even the life I pictured for myself a few years ago. Instead, I thought I would be married and trying for a baby. After all, my mom was pregnant by 25, and I have always been good at caring for others. So why not? Why wouldn’t I follow in her foot steps?

Well ya’ll, it turns out we all have our unique paths, each perfectly valid and beautiful. But my path is my own, and I have molded it unexpected ways, thrown in u-turns, and sharp lefts where clear rights once laid.

As a result, this Mother’s Day, I found myself pulled in two different directions. Watch the video below to find out more — and please folks, share your own stories with me!

So here’s to the women waiting to be mothers, the women who don’t want to wait but can’t conceive, the women without wombs, the single-mothers, and the stay at home moms, to the women who chose to terminate pregnancies, the women who gave their children to other mothers, and to the mother’s who lost their babies. Here’s to every mother in between. Thank you for your choices, they are powerful and unique. I honor them and I honor you.

With love,