Cigarette Sunsets

Dear Readers,

Today I will share a totally wonky poem, circa Paris 2016. Take what you will and leave what you wish to dismiss. But please, have a little fun with it if you can, because this Wednesday calls for some fun!


resting on the lips

of squealing teenagers.

Flying from fingers

off the side of the cityscape.

The sky glows

the color of a newly lit cigarette.


Shouts leave the teenager’s lips

as a dark haired girl drops to her knee.

Her cigarette falls

as her hand drops

to her jacket pocket.


Will you marry me?

She shouts!


Laughter fills the terrace

she picks up the cigarette

as she stands to embrace her girlfriend.

They laugh

and kiss through

the smoke.

- 22-year-old Annalise, a little wine drunk, and gazing upon the Eiffel Tour illuminated by a cigarette sunset!

Paris - the city that inspired me to write creatively once again. In fact, I even attempted to start the book has long lived in the back of mind - not much progress since then, perhaps I need to head back! Each and every country and city I traveled to gave me a different gift. Spain gave me kisses, and kindness from strangers. Scotland gave me cheesecake and lasting friendships. Italy gave me sunshine and farmers markets. Greece gave me back myself. And Paris gave me back my love of writing!


As I said, take what you will from this post today. It is is short and sweet, but I hope you find a small gift in it. May this be inspiration for your own poetry. The courage to propose to your partner. Or the wild hair to hop on a plane I hope it speaks to you in even the smallest way.


With love and such immense gratitude (I can't even begin to tell you!),