Dear Readers,

While this post is in fact finished, my journey is not. As I thought about what I should write for you today I reflected on my overseas travels by flipping through my red leather bound notebook. A notebook that accompanied me across Western Europe. I read journal entries about Cinque Terre and Serra San Quirico and thought to myself, "I should share these today." After all, these entries flowed perfectly with the posts I've already released. 

And then, I came to a journal entry from the very end of my trip, and I thought fuck it! This is the entry I am meant to share today. It may be totally out of order, it may be totally unrelated, but it is so in line with my state of mind, my soul, and my present journey! 

So today I am going to share the words I wrote on December 4th 2016. I was not done traveling then, and I am not done now. Every time I taste true freedom, settle into myself and power, and become fully present in the amazing world around me I am called to wander MORE. To wander longer. To wander without an end date or plane ticket home.

The words I wrote on December 4th echo what I know wholeheartedly now: my wandering journey is unfinished.


I go home in ten days, and I feel as if my trip is just beginning.

Things I have to do:

  1. Hike Eastern Europe
  2. Walk the Camino de Santiago 
  3. Watch the sunset and rise at least once in ever town and city I visit
  4. Visit Iceland
  5. Explore the Samira Gorge in Crete
  6. Rome around Croatia 
  7. Buy a van and drive cross country (Europe and the USA)
  8. Meteora Monasteries
  9. Watch the sunset in Oia - again...and again!
  10. Publish my writing
  11. Cliff Jump
  12. Challenge myself with a meditation retreat

My list has only grown since then! Lovely humans, I was called then and I am called now! May we all follow our crazy, wild, totally unconventional desires each and every day!

And if we cannot, if we lose them, leave our desires unfollowed, may we flip through our notebooks and find them once again. I have left my journey unfinished for two years. It's time to pick it back up full force! 

With love,