Nasty Women

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Dear Reader,

I know you're probably expecting to hear about my last day of work, or about the adventures I have pursued in the PNW before I hit the road. But oddly enough, I feel called to write a post for International Wandering. So bear with me, more information about the present will come on Friday. For now, I'd like to share the words written in my red leather journal on a Parisian rooftop in 2016.

Let me lead in by saying, I feel inspired to share my words from long ago because of a Facebook post I came across this week. While scrolling through my newsfeed I read another woman's words. She sought advise about traveling through Europe. She wrote about feeling burnt out, about taking a week to get away, recharge and explore this beautiful world. My immediate response: "A week is not enough time, you deserve more!"

When I shared my thoughts she replied, "A week is all I can get off work, maybe a week and a half."

All I could think was, this rad woman is listening to her own needs, she's caring for herself, she's going where she is called, work should not stop her. And as I read through the other comments, I stopped on one in particular, advising her to wait until next year, handle other, "more important" matters first.

And with that, I couldn't hold myself back, so I reminded her of her value, her right to stand up for herself, and trust in her voice. I told her she deserved a week and a half off, and she should demand it.

Point being: we let the noise of our day-to-day, the noise of our obligations and commitments drown out our truest inner voice. This woman's voice was peeking through the cracks and she just needed a little push to hold onto it. 

So, when I came across this journal entry from long ago and re-read my own words they've never felt more true or more relevant (and honestly, I hope she reads them). So here they are:





Side smirks.

Cold hands.

Crisp Breezes.



The universe

always delivers you

to the correct destination.

If you simply


As does, your inner voice.

Both are strong,




Know they are blessings.

Thank them. 

And write yourself a love song.


So, that's what I hope this woman does. I hope she accepts the voices of others, and of her obligations, as mistaken and misspoken meanings.

I hope she sits in a city alone on a rooftop and listens to another language buzzing around her.

I hope she smirks shyly at a beautiful passerby, and proceeds to warm her own hands around a cup of tea.

But mostly, I hope that by following her inner voice (where ever it takes her, it does not have to unfold in the way I described), she does truly fall in love with herself in a new and powerful way.

This is what I hope for us all. For myself included.

I can't wait to write myself a million love songs while I wander this wild world. I can't wait to learn how to listen to myself even more deeply, and to whisk away the voices of all my "shoulds." I can't wait to inspire each and every one of you to do the same, in the way that FEELS RIGHT TO YOU!

So here's what I ask of you today...

Stop. Tune out all your responsibilities. All your "have to's" and "should's". Tune out the friend who reminds you to stay small. The boss who demands way more than you're paid for. Put it all on mute...for just 5 minutes. Sink into yourself, and listen.

What feels easy? What feels good? Where are you deeply called? Really listen, because I promise you, even if that calling is just a whisper, if you give her room to grow, she will grow into a NASTY WILD ROARING woman. And she will lead you to the places you've always wanted to go but never believed you could!

So here's to listening, to the universe, to our inner voices, to Facebook posts that inspire and words written on rooftops in Paris that ring so true, even years later!


With love,