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Hello sweet readers,

That's me up there (Annalise) - my hair changes color and length frequently, but I promise it's me! I believe my posts describe me pretty well - perhaps in more detail than you'd like at times. But for those of you looking for a quick description, I'm happy to oblige.

It seems appropriate to begin by telling you that immediately after the above photo was taken I took off all my clothes and danced around the beach. So that's one important fact about me, I love stepping outside society’s expectations, embracing my lovable and worthy body, being silly and connecting with nature! 

I am an empowerment expert, well versed in helping folks who are stuck in unfulfilling routines centered around work and expectation, break free to create lives full of joy and passion…even when they feel afraid to start their journey!

I am a blogger and author. I believe strongly in the power of words and use mine intentionally to create a space of of healing, inspiration and empowerment!

Finally, I have a gypsy soul. My heart belongs in the PNW (Washington to be exact). But I can't stay put. I am a wandering soul, I feel most content and empowered on the road. I am currently solo cabin-dwelling, wilderness traipsing, and working on a rad project empowering youth through the local school district and forest service.

Oh and one more thing...I appreciate you so deeply and have so much gratitude in my heart. Thank you!


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