The Wandering Couch-Potato

Dear Readers,

Today, I would like to return to one of my favorite memories from this Winter. Winter 2017 was filled with seasonal depression, self-exploration, couch-potatoing, snowy roads and a lack of motivation on oh-so many days. With this post I hope to share my struggle and also my joy. May my lessons and experiences carry you into this new Spring season! So without further adieu, let’s throw it back to the last day of 2017!

As you all know I love the Pacific Northwest, my heart lives in the mountains, my soul swims in the ocean; but this winter my body was stuck in the grey, soggy Washington weather. Now to be fair Washington has incredibly mild winters. However, the constant lack of sunshine and influx of rain makes it really challenging for me to wander locally. Nonetheless, I do my best to venture outside on the dry days.

One of our most beautiful winter days fell on the last day of 2017. There was actual sunshine and blue skies. On this day, I knew I needed to pay homage to a year of adventure with at least little time outside.

My partner and I hatched a plan to hike down to my favorite spot in Bellingham: Teddy Bear Cove. Armed with a my new Hydro Flask filled with hot tea, my hammock and a big cozy blanket we set up camp. Believe it or not, it was my first winter hammocking adventure!

I brought a journal haphazardly purchased at the dollar store - I had forgotten mine at home - and I wrote for nearly an hour while my partner listened to a podcast. And let me tell you, during that hour I was happier than I had been all winter. My hands were numb and my nose was running, but it didn’t matter. Cozied up in my hammock, watching the sunset over the ocean and breathing the crisp winter air renewed my grey, soggy winter spirit.

Not only did I feel alive again snuggled up at Teddy Bear, I was also reminded of some pretty important lessons learned in 2017:

  1. It is most important to do the things we love when they feel the most challenging

  2. Washington is beautiful in the winter, if you can drag yourself outside, it’s worth it

  3. Breathing fresh air is the best medicine

  4. More blankets are always better - unless it’s summer

  5. Although 2017 was a pretty shitty year for our country overall, I saw so much beauty in our world because I wandered outside the tragedy

  6. Winter hammocking is rad folks!

  7. Nature is still there during the chilly months - and even better, no one is out in it, we get it all to ourselves if we only step into it!

Seven important lessons for the year of 2017 (ending in a 7, 17 might be too many lessons for me to state eloquently). Here’s to all of you struggling to peel yourselves out of bed, the days are finally getting longer and the sun is beginning to shine once again. Remember that there is beauty to be found even when everything feels cold and wet! Give yourself the gift of self care and breathe some fresh air!

Sending love to you all,