Sink In (Dirt)

Dear Readers,

Today is Earth Day, circa 2018. To honor this day I began by honoring my body. My body that came from the earth and will one day return to it. I danced with other human beings who call this earth their home; and found deep connection within them. 

After dance I set out to honor the Earth by sinking into it, and connecting with it in a more direct way. I ventured to Teddy Bear Cove - a place in nature that has always, without question, felt like my home. I wrote, soaked up the newly returned sunshine, and wondered about the motion of the waves and their connection to human emotion.

I wrote more than just the post I'll share here, but more will come later - as more always do. For today, I'd like to share a little snippet with you, in honor of the Earth that allows us to live upon it!

There's something underrated about sinking our feet into the Earth. 

The dirt on the ground, does exactly what it's name promises! It grounds us. It provides a home for us to sink our roots into - no matter where we have wandered off to. 

When the world is spinning out of control, the dirt beneath our feet is still. If we only sink our feet deeper, we will soon still too.

So why do we put blankets down atop the ground?

Why do we turn the shower heads on high and wash the earth down the drain?

Why do we so often shun the Earth's soil as something to simply brush off?

If only we were to embrace it, sink our feet in, listen to the lessons it holds, and allow them to heal our souls.

The dirt of the Earth gives life to so much power and beauty. Why not let dirt give us life - in the moments when we forget how to truly live?

Those were my thoughts, sitting at Teddy Bear Cove today, with my feet in the dirt and my face cupped in the hands of the sun. I am so incredibly blessed to have the time and freedom to enjoy this Earth today.

May you all live wildly, sink your feet into the earth, roll around in the dirt, and wander your own unique paths - all the while knowing, mother earth has your back!

With love and gratitude and wishes for a lovely week! Happy Sunday and Happy Earth Day Folks!