Connection and Fear

Dear Reader,

This weeks post is a teaser for my 5/9 Wandering Wednesday post - I am super jazzed about it so stay tuned.

This post is quite a bit shorter. However, both posts are about allowing our fear of the wild stop us. More importantly, they are both about how we can embrace this untamed world and connect deeply with it. I also must mention, both were written while my feet sunk into the beautiful earth we live on (my absolute favorite way to write, and exist)! 

So anyway, here are a few words about fear and connection. May they resonate with you, inspire you to set your fear free and allow your soul to connect with all the other wild wonders of our world...

Today, as I sat on the dirt, eating grapes, an ant crawled into my Tupperware to share my snack. I smiled at the ant sweetly, and spoke to him calling him "Buddy" as I thought about how interconnected we all are.

I did not attempt to remove him, push him away, or scold him for being a pest. Instead I enjoyed the snack we shared together; two wanderers enjoying one another's company.

Moments later, a bee buzzed around my head. I shivered, shook my head from side to side, hoping to scare the bee away; for I was scared of her. 

But then I thought, why do I fear some living beings and not others? There is so little logic. Both creatures are different from me, unique and powerful. Both creatures also share my wild spirit, and are wandering just as they have every right to. 

So what if I just let go of my fear? Stopped fearing things I didn't understand, or I was taught as a I child to fear? How free would I be? How connected to the wild wandering ways of nature would I become? My guess..PRETTY DAMN CONNECTED and BLISSFUL! 

So here's to letting go of our fear of the wild and unknown, and connecting with those who may be different or unknown but beautiful all the same!

Cheers my loves!

I can't wait to share more on this next week!

Sending out sunny vibrations to you all,