Dear Readers,

When I traveled through Europe I honed in on my gratitude practice! I wrote a gratitude list every day, and it was so easy, even on the days that were quite frankly, really shitty! When I truly live my life authentically and fully, I feel grateful.

This past weekend I escaped to the North Cascades. I took deep breathes of mountain air and walked a beautiful trail in silence; I painted a nature scene for the first time as I sat on the edge of Diablo lake. It was a trip full of beauty, challenges and overwhelming gratitude. And thus, right before I hopped in Gypsy and headed back home I wrote a gratitude list and I would like to share it with you.

6/3/18- I am grateful for:

  1. Grandpa Alex being here with me in spirit
  2. Solo Van trips
  3. Roaring rivers
  4. RAIN!!!
  5. Time to miss and appreciate my partner
  6. Painting at the lake
  7. Wind! Mother nature's power
  8. Campground parking lots to sleep in
  9. Bob Marley
  10. Alone time
  11. Silent hikes
  12. A brain overflowing with writing ideas
  13. An inability to actually write anything more than a list
  14. Gypsy-Rita
  15. Well timed escapes from park rangers
  16. Mountain air
  17. My Tevas - low key the loves of my life 
  18. My trusty flannel 
  19. Down comforters 
  20. Getting dressed lying down 
  21. Hidden backpacking camp sites
  22. Empty beaches
  23. Practice and perpective
  24. Fear
  25. Sadness
  26. Desire

That's my list! Gratitude came so easily to me this past weekend! May we all live in ways that inspire gratitude, even in the hardest moments!

I aspire to live authentically, to wander, to do what I truly love, so that no matter what I will always feel overwhelmingly grateful to be right where I am!

May you do the same - in whatever way is most true to you!

With love,