Dear Reader,

I want to share this piece with you exactly how I wrote it in my journal. It won't be perfect, clean or tidy. But it will be real. I want to share with you authentically. For it may not be the most beautifully written piece on Empowered Wanderer. But it is one of my favorites, because it makes me feel so damn good! I hope it makes you feel good too lovely people! 

So here's what I wrote:

Today I peed outside, as the waves kissed my feet and a tiny red crab crawled out of a tide pool next to me.

Today I wrote in a community journal, found in a hidden rock cave. I wrote about agency; about a woman who was placed in a home without her permission, who was committed to a purpose she did not choose. I wrote about a woman who stepped into nature, who allowed the rain to wash over her cheeks. I wrote about a woman who set herself free to discover her own desires.

I read other people's words. I read about whispered secrets and summer love. I read about 3-year-olds playing in the sand and women floating in the water.

I watched seagulls tirelessly flap their wings, struggling to stay afloat (in the sky); and hawks sore effortlessly over the evergreen trees.

I felt teeny tiny bugs dance on my eyelashes and nuzzle my nose.

I laughed as the humans above me threw rocks into the water; and listened to the thunk, knowing I was safe in my rock cave.

Today, I took big breathes of sea air, let raindrops soak into my skin, and brought myself back home.

Brought myself back to exactly where I belong.

I belong to the sea, to the tide, to the moon.

I belong to the rain that washes the entire day from my face, and brings curly life back into my hair.

I belong to the air thick with salt.

I belong to the wind, full of movement.

To the shelter of a rocky cave.

To the places I can pee without fear, while simultaneously making friends with crabs.

I belong to soaked journal pages and runny ink.

To sleeping under the stars.

To the open road.

To galloping down trails.

To a broken clock and time forgotten - reminded only by the sun in the sky.

I belong to Freedom.

I belong to Nature.

I belong to ME!

- 7/9/18


After I wrote those words in my red leather journal (the same journal that made it's away around most of Western Europe), I dove into the salt water as a train whistled by. I can't wait to share this part of my experience with you on Feminist Friday!

Every time I follow my call to nature, and to freedom, I realize it is exactly where I am meant to be. This clarity is unmatched. For I know, I belong.

And let me tell you... I can't wait to explore all the places in this big beautiful world that I belong to. 

With love,