A Body’s Intuition ​​​​​​​

Dear Reader,

It’s Wednesday once again! Empowered Wanderer feels so empty to me without last week’s post. But a week off lent me some inspiration. I spent last week on business in the Rocky Mountains. I drove through the National Park at elevations 12,000+ feet above sea level. This is particularly insane because Bellingham, WA sits 69 feet above sea level.

For those of you who know me well, you might understand why such a drastic change in elevation would scare me. For those of you who don’t, here’s a quick recap: I am the queen of catching colds, viruses, anything really and I get serious motion sickness in every moving vehicle. Shocking how often I travel with this in mind, but it could never stop me. In any case, if anyone was going to get altitude sickness it would be me. I even spoke with a woman at the airport who lives in Denver and gets altitude sickness simply driving up to the Rockies. What’s more? Three out of four people experience altitude sickness when traveling to high altitude states like Colorado.

With all this in mind I figured my chances of avoiding altitude sickness were slim. Nonetheless, I thought of two of my favorite people my dear friend Alex and my Mom - two absolute pro’s at manifestation. I decided to see myself healthy, exploring the Rocky Mountains, soaking up the sun, taking in indescribable views.

When I arrived in Colorado, I felt great! Exhausted from the flight perhaps, but no headache, dizziness or flu like symptoms for me. Even as I climbed in elevation up to Estes Park my body hung in like a total champ. When a fellow traveler retreated to her room with a debilitating headache due to altitude sickness, I trekked through the Rockies at Sunset.

The only instance throughout my entire trip when I felt any instance of altitude sickness was at over 12,000 feet, and in a moment it was gone. Sure, I took care of myself, I drank lots of water, and rested a bit. But honestly, I didn’t get enough sleep, I stayed out in the sun, and I moved a ton!

So, here’s what I have to say about that. Yes, I manifested a healthy body. I totally believe my mind played a role in the way that I felt. But more strongly, I believe our body is our biggest ally, and has a wealth of knowledge we cannot even begin to grasp.

I believe I was meant to be in Colorado, and to spend my time in the way I did. I was meant to run through the mountains, tan my fair skin, sing loudly in the car, and take crazy pictures at 12000 ft. Colorado felt like home the moment I stepped off the plane and my body knew it without doubt.

In various different moments throughout my life my body has reacted before my mind. You know that moment where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up before you can consciously realize you’re in danger. Or that instance of awkward silence where your feet begin to move because your body is begging you to run away. We notice this more poignantly when our bodies react negatively to the situations or places we find ourself in. But how beautiful is it to take note when our bodies react positively.

My body went through bumpy plane rides, camp food, extreme elevation changes, and way too little sleep and still she thrived. She was teaching me a big lesson. If I am only to listen to my body, if I take cues from my physical being about where I belong, who I am meant to spend time with, and what I am meant to do, I know I will end up on just the right path!

So here’s to being grounded in our bodies, to sinking into our feet, to listening to our corporeal being and trusting that how we feel physically, means a whole heck-of-alot!

May you all trust your own bodies to lead you in just the right direction!

I know I do!


With love,