Creating a Home on The Road

Dear Reader,

Today is August 1st 2018. Today I gave my employer two weeks notice - stay tuned for my feminist Friday post on how damn good this felt. For today's Wandering Wednesday post I want to talk about how big of a turning point today marks.

Today, marks two weeks until I can focus on empowered wanderer full time.

Today, marks 1 month until I move out of my partner's home.

Today marks 1 and a half months until I set out to travel this world in a car and out of pack.

So, today, I want to right about the future. Today, I am bursting with excitement about what is right around the corner. In just a month and a half my biggest home will be my car, and my smallest will be my 60L pack. And boy, is that a huge shift from a 1000 square foot apartment.

I spent a lot of time thinking about creating a home on the road when I was wandering through Colorado last month.

During my time in CO, I spent so little time alone. I was in an out of meetings. I met hundreds or people, and socialized until every ounce of life was sucked out of me. This was partially because it was a business trip. However, this is a pattern for me. When I travel, I give my energy away. I overcommit myself. I rarely stop to create space for myself. 

When I traveled through Europe, it was not until my last month abroad that I created solitude for myself. When I recently explored the Rockies it was not until my very last night that I took time to sit, eat alone, write and breathe in the mountain air.

And when I wrote, I wrote about the importance of creating a home on the road. I wrote the words: "I don't miss home, I just miss sinking into my space." 

So this will be my challenge. Create space for myself to sink into.

I will challenge myself to say no just as much as a I say yes during my travels. To turn folks away who take life and energy away from me. To invite humans in who hold space and exude love.

To create a home in my car, a cozy little bed, a oasis I can escape to.

To always carry a book and journal in my pack that allow me time to escape.

To walk trails alone more than I walk them with others.

And to always listen to myself; to crank the volume down on the voices around me so I can clearly hear my own.

My travels will be about creating a home around myself, where ever I wander...and moreover, truly finding a home within myself.

Here's to creating homes on the road, homes we can carry deep in the centers of our being!

With love,