Adventuring Over The Mountain Alone

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Dear Reader,

Sometimes, setting out solo can feel as daunting as summiting Mount Everest. While it’s nearly impossible to summit Everest solo, it is so much easier than we think to wander this wild world solo.

I speak with a lot of women who voice fear, shame and uncertainty about setting out on a day hike solo, let alone an extended trek. But in many ways this tide is turning, women are finding their immense power and accomplishing treks and travels they never imagined possible.

I am definitely one of these women, a woman who until a few years ago, couldn’t even go to dinner alone. Now, after spending 7 months solo on the road, I can’t imagine my life being dictated by the constant input of another person’s wants and needs.

So this weekend, when I longed to hike under a waterfall, I did so. And when I yearned for a little off road adventure and trek down to the sunny Columbia River Gorge, I hopped in Luna (my car), and off I went. By myself. Untethered. Full of excitement.

And naturally, I was met with bliss, but I was also met with twists and turns. So, I want to share both with you and empower you to embark on your own solo journey (wether it be an hour long, or a year long). Get in on the juicy details and inspiration in the video below:

I’m loving these videos, and feel like every time I post one I get to share a little look into my sweet homestead with you! If you’re enjoying them too, leave a comment and let me know!

Sending lots of love,