Work and Value

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Dear Reader,

Here I sit, covered in dirt and grime, with tired limbs, and sore hands after a long day deep in PNW National Forest. Definitely a wandering journey.

Today I worked a job, viewed as successful by some, and a failure by others.

Today, I pulled weeds, uprooted invasive species, mentored teens, and provided a safe space for community to eventually gather.

It was a day full of ups-and-downs, attitude and triumph, and everything in between.

But sitting here now, I can definitively say that I believe the work I do is valuable.

Moreover, I believe I am valuable, regardless of the job I have. I was born valuable, we are all born valuable, and I maintain this value by caring for myself, pursuing joy and constantly reminding myself that the job I work does not designate my worth.

A woman I deeply respect sent me a post this week, it reads:

People ask you what you do for a living so they can calculate the level of respect to give you.

This quote, inspired me to make the video below. I hope ya’ll dig it and it resonates with you! Comments are turned on , so please share your story and experience after you watch it:

Sending you lots of love this week!

Big hugs,