Mystic Hot Springs Review

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Dear Sweet Readers,


Do you want the opportunity to experience some magic, tucked away in a tiny Northern Utah Town? Well, look no further, Mystic Hot Springs, is your ticket.

I found my way to Mystic Hot Springs through my sweet friend Brooke Lambe.

Mystic is slowly emerging into a popular oasis. But for now, it’s still quirky, healing, and altogether pretty quiet sacred space (especially in November). And even with increased popularity I have a feeling the hot springs will stay fairly untouched and maintain it’s existing magic. This is thanks to its’ owner, Mike, and his commitment to preserving the hippie hot springs spirit. 

And ya’ll, that hippie hot springs spirit is just my speed. I fell in love the moment I pulled up.

Mystic Hot Springs is located in Monroe Utah, about 2 hours north east of Zion and 3 hours west of Moab (a great stop between the two locations).

When you first drive up you pass a quirky sign that says “Welcome to Mystic Hot Springs.” From there you drive straight to the office. It’s incredibly easy to find.


Not only is Mystic super easy to find, it’s conveniently located. The turn off to Mystic is right off of main street, making re-supplying, gassing up and getting on and off the road a cinch! And as wanderers we know how appreciated a good re-sup is.

Might I also mention, that while Mystic is close to town, it is tucked away and feels like a total retreat!



When you enter the office you are flooded with an amazing smell (spoiler - essentials oils, what else?). The front office also has a massage chair, a gratitude journal, and a collection of rad new and pre-owned clothes, books and other goodies for sale. 

When you go into the front office you sign a liability waiver and pay. Prices are linked here.

Mike will show you a picture of this map (see image to your right, or above depending on device).

The grounds are full of amazing little secrets, including ducks and llamas roaming around, a stage for visiting performers (check Mystic’s event calendar) and quirky cabins tucked away by the office.

**Pro tip - take a picture of the map so you don’t get lost (like some wayward wanderers with no direction, aka me).

After you check in the true magic begins…the hot springs soaking…


If you’re facing the front office the tubs are to the right and straight up (don’t worry there are signs). There are 7 tubs above a communal pool. 

Mike told me to dip a toe in because the pools get toasty, and boy he was right! The tubs were definitely hot! But if you’re like me, you will LOVE this. The tubs also fluctuate in heat. If you choose one where the water runs directly into it, you will be extra toasty and if you choose one further down the line with water directed from a pipe you’ll be soaking in bath water.

Mystic Hoy Springs Soak

Three of my favorite parts about these tubs:

  1. THEY ARE HUGE - you can fit at least two people in one, and if you’re soaking alone your whole body can be submerged 

  2. THEY ARE CLEANED REGULARLY - in fact my sweet friend Shannon caught a glimpse of them being thoroughly drained and scrubbed

  3. THEY ARE OPEN 24/7 - talk about magic! Want to stay warm while stargazing, or catch a steamy morning sunrise — this is the spot for you!

**Here is my pro tip: Go in the fall, soak at night to see the stars, snag the tub tucked behind the red rocks on the right side and watch the sunrise!


If you’re like me, you’ll soak before setting up camp.

When I got down to the camping area (after getting lost) I was AMAZED. 


I proceeded to park my car and take an obscenely long shower in an completely empty bath house. The hot water is endless and glorious and the towel hooks are adorned with reminders to “be patient” and “love yourself.”

And ya’ll it gets better, when you step out of the shower, you don’t have to suffer and go to bed with wet hair — any of you who have slept in your car and van-homes (or worse yet, tents) with wet hair in temperatures in the teens know the struggle.


Right outside the bathhouse you’ll find the mother of all luxuries: AN OUTDOOR KITCHEN, outfitted with, a hot water pot, a microwave, a toaster oven, cooking utensils, plates, cups and bowls (seriously, my fellow dirtbags will understand how amazing this is). What’s more? they have extra fuel you can use for your MSR camp stove or Jet Boil, and a free food bin for you to donate to or take from!


Next to the kitchen there is a free outdoor library, lounge and game space.

The campgrounds themselves are straightforward and simple. There are hippie buses lined up (which are a creation in their own right), RV spaces with hookups and a nice grassy field for tents.

**Pro tip — the outlets in the bathhouse are underneath the light switches.

So there you have it lovely readers, this oasis is a must see! Whether you stop at Mystic for a 6 hour soak, overnight soak beneath the stars, or stay for days to catch many sunrises, it’s an essential northern Utah destination!


And folks, I want to help you make it happen. So follow this link to enter my giveaway for one FREE SOAK for all my fellow solo travelers out there!


Lots of love,