Lessons From the Road - Day 60

Food on the Road-22.png

Dear Reader,

Today, I took my last car-home nap for a few months.

Today, I ate my last hot logic mini meal until 2019.

Today, I arrived in Tampa, FL and parked Luna in my sweet friend’s driveway.

Today, I ventured inside a home, with space to walk around, electricity, a home cooked meal waiting for me, and even a BATHROOM (oh and don’t forget, kitties!!!).

And honestly, as lovely as it is, a big part of me wants to run back outside to Luna, sleep on my deflated sleep-pad, pee in my dollar-store jug and be lulled to sleep by the sounds of Walmart patrons.

I’m not ready to let go, even as the universe tells me to. Through Luna’s maintenance light coming on, my questionable decisions around human connection, or my sleep pad deflating. My guiding light has been leading me onto the next phase of my wandering journey, but shoot, it is hard to move forward.

So, I want to reflect on the past 60 days. It’s been exactly two months (to the day - how crazy is that) since I set out on my solo travels with Luna. And honestly, I have loved every second. I could write about it for ages. But I’ll go with: my 10 Highs, my 5 Lows, and my 3 Biggest Lessons.


  1. The Sierra Nevada Mountains — 395 South, Bishop CA, PV Pit Campground, Parker Lake

  2. Every single SUNRISE and SUNSET — this is what I live for and highly recommending catching as many as you can in this lifetime

  3. Yosemite for my 24th birthday — fish tacos, naked nature explorations, breathtaking views

  4. Summer Lake Hot Springs — naked soaks under the stars

  5. Mystic Hot Springs — sunrise solo soaks and obscenely long showers

  6. Listening to Alanis Morissette with my windows down — a kind of freedom that only comes with loud music blaring and wind whipping you in the face

  7. Hiking Observation Point in Zion National Park — wild gratitude and awe for my body

  8. Open Floor Dance Workshop in Santa Fe, NM — the right kind of connection

  9. Sharing my beignets with a homeless man in NOLA

  10. And best for last, the campsite outside Zion that became my home — naked river meditation in the sunshine, stolen campsites and fires with strangers, fall colors and other peoples animals

Lows — honestly it’s hard to think of five

  1. Dealing with anxiety on my own — late night phone calls to mom and constant requests for reassurance

  2. Moving campsites in the middle of the night, in a storm — ditchin’ creeps and always having back up plans

  3. Luna’s Maintenance Light — attempting to hold the light for an easy fix, and finding one (after hours of worst case scenario worrying)

  4. Transitions in and out of big cities — from dirt bagging to navigating societal expectations

  5. VERY FEW HUGS — a lack of physical touch has been the hardest part for me


  1. Stay in the places that feel like home — hold on to them, don’t rush to see the next place if the one you’re in feels good

  2. Keep your driving days short — draining your energy on a full day of driving is rarely worth it

  3. Pee on the side of the highway — it takes less time and it’s liberating, no lie I peed on the side of the highway at least 70 times in the past 60 days

As you can tell, I loved living in Luna, I can’t wait to return to her in the Spring of 2019. But for now, I am downsizing into a backpack. I feel afraid of living in hostels, surrounded by people, sure I’ll have access to lots of human touch, but I crave the solitude of my tiny car home already.

I can’t wait to bring you along on this transition — may we all be easy with ourselves. I am excited to practice my gratitude tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and carry it through this transitional time.

To begin, I am thankful for Luna, I am thankful for the past 60 days, and I am thankful FOR YOU!

With love,