Austin, TX Travel Guide

Complete Travel Guide to Austin, TX

Dear Reader,

A number of you have requested more posts about the middle of the USA. I posted a lot about Utah, and then all of a sudden I had arrived in Florida. There is no doubt, my heart is happiest on BLM land, in wide open spaces, free of sky scrapers and full of pure, unencumbered nature.

Nonetheless, I did hit a few cool cities on my way to Tampa, FL. Namely, Austin, TX and NOLA.

So, this week I want to share the highlights of Austin, TX and provide a guide, just in case you find yourself in the Portland, OR of the South.

Next, week I will share a travel guide with all my favorite spots from NOLA.

I must say, in terms of cities, Austin (with the exception of crazy traffic, and non-sensical freeways) was pretty incredible. It was full of shops selling feminist gear, tex-mex restaurants and food trucks, quirky art all around, and tons of places to explore outdoors!

Sound like a city you’d like to visit? I’d recommend hitting these spots when you do:

Other stops worth making:

  1. A night out on 6th Street

  2. A walk around the Capitol - it’s huge

  3. The many, many murals hidden around the city

So, there you have it folks, a complete guide to my favorite spots in Austin, TX.

If you’re interested in a PDF version of this guide, please reach out to me below and I will send you a copy directly!

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