Zion National Park Eatery Guide

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Dear Reader,

I am writing to you from Northern Utah. That’s right I finally left the Southern part of the state. I nearly had to tear myself away.

I spent a week and a half right outside Zion National Park camping on the best BLM land in this universe (I may be biased, but I’m not kidding, it’s magic - more to come on this next soon).

As a result of my time, I have some incredible secrets to share with you about the best places to Eat, Work and Charge up your devices outside Zion National Park.

Where to Eat (And Work Remotely)

in Southern Utah

Main Street Cafe - Hurricane, Utah


  • A variety of sandwiches, burgers, salads and specials

  • Free Wifi (see password on the specials board)

  • Outlets for Charging Devices

  • Amazing Food - for a reasonable price

  • Incredibly Nice People


138 Main St, Hurricane, UT 84737

Hours: 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Not only does Main Street Cafe have the most amazing (and inexpensive) food, it is home to the kindest people you’ll meet!

I met my two friends at the cafe on a super busy Saturday afternoon. We chatted, took forever to order, used the wifi and super cute restroom, refilled out water bottles, plugged in our electronics and ultimately took over a booth for about four hours - as people continually streamed through the doors. And ya’ll, not once did they ask us to leave or even look at us funny. They were DELIGHTFUL!

Each one of us ordered something different and we were all over the moon with satisfaction!

Here is a link to their Menu.

10/10 would recommend the Chipotle Chicken Wrap ($9.95) - my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

River Rock Roasting Company - La Verkin, Utah


  • Comfort Food - Pizza and Sandwiches

  • Cheap Beer

  • Free Wifi - Password as of Nov. 2018: riverrock

  • Tasty Pizza and Sandwiches

  • Can’t forget the amazing Views


394 S State St, La Verkin, UT 84745

Hours: Mon-Sat 6:30 AM - 9:30 PM and Sun 7:00 AM - 9:30 PM

The best part of River Rock Roasting Company is the view, it looks out on the mountains and is a quick 10-15 minute drive from the best campsite in the world (more details to come if you comment “more please.”).

The food is basic comfort food, pizza and sandwiches, which sometimes is EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED. The pizza is a bit spendy (around the $15 mark) but it can feed two comfortably which makes it all worth it — unless you’re traveling solo like me and then you either gorge yourself or have leftovers haha.

There is ample seating which is also a really nice perk, you can tuck yourself away in a back room, sit up front near the bar (beer is a lower alcohol percentage in Utah though, lammeee) or hop outside to the porch and take in the gorgeous views.

Here is a link to their Menu.

I got the Ham Apple Cheddar Panini ($8.50) and was pretty darn pleased, gooey and delicious and it came with pickles and chips.

** Pro Tip - if you like them and need some coffee on the way out of town, they also have a drive through location:

Located at: 101 E 500 N, La Verkin, UT 84745

Open: Monday - Sunday   6:00am - 7:00pm

Deep Creek Coffee - Springdale, Utah


  • Coffee Shop Eats (light breakfast and lunch options)

  • Conveniently located right outside Zion NP

  • Free Wifi (password as of Nov 2018: pumpkins)

  • Lots of charing ports/outlets

  • Refillable water station

  • Food and drinks are a little spendy so be wise (Pro Tip - just don’t order anything)


932 Zion Park Boulevard #3 Springdale, UT 84767

Hours : 6:00 am — 2:00 pm M-F

Hours at New Coffee Window daily from 2:00 pm — 8:00 pm.

Honestly ya’ll I wasn’t in love with the food or drinks here. BUT it has a good atmosphere if you throw on some headphones and work away. The tables are cozy and cute and pretty much every single one has an outlet nearby.

I got a pumpkin cream cheese scone the first day I went and it was amazing. Otherwise I ordered a subpar chai and bland oatmeal (because I wasn’t paying for the fully loaded).

However, they still make my list of recommendations because while they may get busy, the tables don’t fill up, so there is always a spot to work, the Wifi is super quick, the bathroom is nice and clean and they are 5 minutes outside the entrance to Zion.

I went to Deep Creek three times and I will definitely return again, it’s the perfect spot to haul up and work before adventuring through the park!

Here’s a link to their Menu so you can make your game plan, or again, just sneak on in without ordering anything :)

Oscars Cafe - Springdale, Utah


  • Mexican Food, Burgers and Sandwiches

  • Indoor and Outdoor Seating

  • Very Quick Service

  • Super Yummy LOADED Side Salad included with Entree

  • Located Right Outside Zion (Across from Deep Creek)

  • Tons of Parking and a Free Library Outside

948 Zion Park Blvd. Springdale, UT 84767

Hours: 7:00 AM — 8:00 PM M-F

Ya’ll this is the spot I chose after my hike to Observation Point in Zion. I needed food, I needed it fast, I needed it in large quantities.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I ordered the biggest plate of enchiladas I’d ever seen. It was of course, a whopping 17 dollars BUT, it came with rice and beans, enough food to feed three people and a loaded salad. Not to mention, my water glass was always full and I was constantly checked in on (even though it was crazy busy).

10/10 I would recommend Oscars. It’s worth the splurge and I’ve been told their garlic burgers are fabulous and their breakfast it to die for!

Here’s a link to their Menu

**If you’re looking for something open later with similar vibes and price Bit and Spur down the road in Springdale is comparable and occasionally has live music. I did not include them on the list because I went to them long ago, but I remember them being good as well.

Bumbleberry Giftshop (And Bakery) - Springdale Utah


  • Amazing People

  • Yummy Treats

  • Free Samples


897 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, Uta

Open Daily: 9am-10pm

Looking for just the right sweet treat? Stop in here. It’s a gift shop with reasonably priced gear (I bought Teva’s and an amazing handmade sweatshirt — whoop hehe). But the Gift Shop has more than meets the eye. In the back there is an ice-cream, bakery and fudge shop!

What’s better? THEY GIVE FREE SAMPLES. The women who helped us gave us an entire bumble berry mini pie EACH (they cost 2 dollars), she said they were a misshapen batch anyway and handed them over to us with a smile. Truly the loveliest people, the yummiest sweets and a must stop shop in Springdale.

Interested in Camping and Hiking Secrets near and in Zion National Park? Comment on this post, “More Please!” and I’ll make a guide and post it two weeks from now.

Why Not Next Week? BECAUSE next week I’ll be posting an exclusive look into the magic of Mystic Hot Springs. Oh, and Stay Tuned for a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!

Lots of love to you,