Tampa, FL Travel Guide and Video

Dear Reader,

Today, I want to share about my time in Tampa, FL. After two months on the road, I hunkered down in Tampa with my sweet friend Alex and her family, and let’s not forget their two kitties. I spent a week and a half cozied up in a room all to myself, taking time to prepare for my backpacking journeys.

But ya’ll we also had some fun and got a little rowdy. Tampa is quite incredible and full of a ton of amazing places to relax, hike and party!

I know, you’re all thinking: a Washington Woman in FL, how could you possibly love it? I get it, it’s hot, it’s muggy, and the politics aren’t the best. And, even though I did see one dreaded “make America great again hat,” constantly blast the AC in the my car, and nearly get hit by crazy Florida drivers, I was pleasantly surprised by Tampa.

I met incredibly people, I drank very strong and inexpensive drinks, I watched a movie what can only be described as a Broadway theater for 9 bucks, and I found little pockets of nature to break up the city.

Ya’ll, I was also particularly inspired to post about Tampa (while in Thailand, I know more pictures and a blog post is coming), because I have the MOST AMAZING VIDEO TO SHARE WITH YOU:


Did you watch it? Your answer better be yes! If you did, you’ll know I wasn’t kidding when I said I found amazing people and beautiful nature to escape to in Tampa, FL!

So, after seeing that video, I would be shocked if you’re not already booking your plane ticket. But, if you need some more convincing here’s a list of my favorite spots!

Tampa River Walk

Tampa River Walk

  • Not only is the river walk generally beautiful, in winter there is a CHRISTMAS MARKET AND ICE RINK. Said Christmas market has really bomb vegan cookie dough called FroDough.

  • Pro-tip, if you happen to be dirt bagging it like me, there’s a free shower on the Tampa Riverwalk

  • They also have concerts and events nightly, there is never a dull moment

  • And ya’ll, you can buy drinks and walk around with them freely within the river walk - score!

Tampa Theater

Tampa Theater

  • If you surpass all my other suggestions please go here! It will blow your mind, and it’s super inexpensive! Regal and AMC tickets are nearly the mid-teens these days, but at Tampa theater you can grab a show from $9 or less.


  • Your show begins with a live piano player

  • THEY PLAY OLD CHRISTMAS MOVIES during the entire month of December - SCORE!

  • And it’s right next to the river walk

Clearwater Beach, Tampa FL

Clearwater Beach

  • Rated one of the best beaches in the world

  • The sand is pure white and smooth

  • Parking is $2.50 an hour — so score!! PS the parking lot right on the beach also has a bathroom

  • Also another opportunity for my fellow dirtbags to shower for free!

Eureka Springs Park, TAMPA FL

Eureka Springs Park — featured in Justin Munford’s Video

  • As promised, there are natural little oasis’ to escape to

  • Eurka Springs is super well maintained and easy to stroll through

  • There are beautiful flowers and an amazing boardwalk

  • Parking is $2 dollars and worth it

Seriously, don’t miss the tour of the park! Alex and I had an amazing time exploring this magical spot while Justin followed us around with a camera — basically our ideal day!

Splitsville Tampa FL

Splitsville - Bar, Bowling Alley and Arcade

  • Do you want strong cheap drinks? Go here.

  • Do you want free bar games like darts and skee ball? Definitely go here.

  • Do you want a bowling alley with a side of delicious fries? This is your spot?

  • How about a fantastic location right on the water? Yup! You've got it!

  • They are open LATE and it’s the perfect spot to go with one friend or a huge group — or go solo, because you know I’m all about that!

So there you have it, I’ll be back in the Spring to hit St. Pete and explore more of Florida — expect all the details then!

Oh and folks, if you want the perfect spot to stay while you visit Tampa probably (aka definitely) check out All The Rooms to guarantee the perfect Tampa escape!

With love,