My Wish

Dear Readers,

This Wandering Wednesday post will be brief to counteract a rather lengthy read in International Wanderings last week. Although brief, this post means a lot to me. I feel brave and empowered to write it and share it with you! 

As you all know, in October of 2017 I bought a 2001 Ford Econoline Conversion Van named Gypsy Rita. She was my 23rd Birthday present to myself. With this present came a wish for myself. By my 24th birthday I would be on the road with Gypsy Rita. Cultivating FREEDOM!

Somewhere in the past 9 months this wish has been forgotten. Buried under a career, a love like none I've ever known, and a routine in a city I adore. 

Although during these past 9 months I felt most free at Teddy Bear cove, dancing on the beach, driving through the mountains, sinking my feet into the dirt, and skipping through winding trails...but somehow it didn't matter. I convinced myself it was best to settle in, to leave Gypsy in the parking lot and set her free to wander only on the occasional weekend.

But Gypsy and I are meant to wander, to roam together, to see the world and cultivate the fuck out of our freedom!

And even though I lost sight of this, my partner never did. Here is a man who entered our relationship knowing I was wild; knowing my roots did not grow deep down into the ground, but rather out in every direction. He knew I needed to wander, to be set free to experience every corner of our planet. And he chose to fall in love with me anyway; all the while knowing he would eventually have to set me free.

Not only has my partner known this all along but he reminded me of it when I forgot. As we sat looking at apartment leases earlier this year, with Gypsy collecting dust outside, he looked at me and said, "You can't give up on your wish, on your freedom." And with that, I remembered my long forgotten wish.

So folks, it's not yet been a year and I am back on track for making my wish come true and cultivating the freedom that lights my soul on fire!

Sometimes we just can't do it by ourselves, we lose track, we set aside our wishes. When this happens may we all be so blessed to have loved ones nearby who know us deeply and selflessly. 

I am immeasurably thankful for my life and the people within it!

Here's to the man I love, the van I love, and spending my mid-twenties living freely!

With lots of love,