Dear Reader,

It is time for an update, isn't it?

Over a month ago I shared the news that Gypsy needed some serious TLC - an entirely new rear differential and front baring repack to be precise. I also shared the fact that I wasn't sure how to proceed. So, I took some time. I stayed fairly quiet about my decision because I felt clear in myself. And now, I am ready to share my decision with you.

A week ago Gypsy found a new home. A home with a man named Ky. A man who travels the states going to burning man events, to fairy festivals, to wherever his heart is called to. A man who plans to replace the rear differential himself, checked fluids I wouldn't even think to check, and opened a window I believed to be sealed shut. A man who embraced Gypsy's quirks right away. A man who hugged me with gratitude and love. A man who sold his car before even seeing Gypsy and took the Greyhound up from Seattle with blind faith. A man who sent me chalk drawings of Gypsy and her new caretakers and friends. A man who let me hug my sweet girl goodbye.

Gypsy is now in even better hands than my own. She will still be able to travel the world and when she inevitably breaks down she will have a companion who can fix her right up then and there. She'll have her body painted with beautiful art and she'll provide comfort and shelter to loving souls.

So, now you know she is safe and loved. But you don't know why I let her go. Let me tell you...

I let Gypsy go because I trusted what felt easy. I knew if I shelled out $2000 for her repair I would continually be on high alert, always stressed that something else would break, always manifesting the worst. And neither one of us deserved that. She deserves a companion who feels confident, excited and free to explore with her. And I deserve the journey I've longed for, worry free and financially thriving.

Because I followed what felt easy I truly believe everything unfolded just as it was meant to. I put Gypsy on Craigslist in early July and got an offer from a gal in Seattle who wanted to make Gypsy her home. Long story short, the offer fell through. And thank goodness it did, because I really wasn't ready... I hadn't taken any of my belongings out of Gypsy, and dreaded just about every showing I had. I still needed time.

After the offer fell through I left for Colorado. I drove through the mountains in an SUV, I navigated around twisty corners and up steep inclines, I burned through hardly any gas with my rad hybrid rental, and I still felt like I had tons of room. And when I thought about Gypsy I realized she belonged to someone else's journey. I didn't need a tricked out home on wheels, I needed a non-gas guzzling, simplified, corner navigating queen. And I would have that, for free come mid-August.

When I arrived home from Colorado I put Gypsy up on Facebook, renewed my Craigslist add and cleared out my belongings. Within a week Ky texted me, and a week after that we exchanged cash for key with love bubbling over in both our beings. It was so easy, so meant to be.

And a week from today I will pick up my Aunt's old Lexus SUV free of charge, flip her (add a roof tent, and/or pop off some seats and throw on new tires) and try to add another 100,000 miles to her current 300,000 (here's to hoping ya'll). 

If you're interested in seeing my new wandering home's transformation from SUV to roadtrippin' queen comment away and I can see about making a video for you all!

Sp there you have it! That's my update, we'll see how everything unfolds as I continue to follow what is easy! 

With love,