Dear Reader,

This week has been a whirlwind.

From moving out of my partners home, reacquainting myself with my independence and truly with myself, to falling in love with my new Lexus, Luna, and realizing she will need my love, care, and a little maintenance, to preparing myself to drive my soul sister, Alex, to the airport and send her off to the absolute other side of the country.

But through it all my overwhelming feeling is that of gratitude.

Today, I am writing to you from my cozy little bed in Luna's back seats. Hence, this post being under the Road Trip Wandering section. This is the first post I've written in a habitat outside the home I shared with my partner. While I feel grief and loss, I also feel such overwhelming gratitude in this moment.

I am grateful for Luna, a beautiful, free, golden, roadtrippin' warrior!

I am grateful for the relationship my partner and I shared and all the healing, love and joy he gifted me.

I am grateful to feel spanning support for my wandering ways, free of judgement from my friends and family.

While, I also feel great loss letting go of my sweet friend Alex this week, I feel larger gratitude for the love she has brought into my life. She has reminded me how to sink into my friendships with women. How to open up, how to hug, and dance and laugh and talk for hours on end. I am grateful that she supports me, so much so that she will fly back in two weeks for the Wandering Women's Retreat.

On that note, I am grateful, so unbelievably, overwhelmingly grateful to have stepped into living the life I belong to.

For the past twenty something years I have operated under the belief that I should work one job for the rest of my life, I should buy a home, I should get married and have babies. 

I am even grateful for this belief, for the time I spent working my latest desk job. Because, on my latest business trip I met a man who moved to Colorado on a dime, who took a temporary seasonal job and then a new one when the season changed. And during our conversation, it  dawned on me: I can spend the rest of my life hopping from place to place, meeting amazing people and working short term jobs. Because in reality, I've never lasted more than a year without putting in notice to an employer, I have never been meant for the life I believed I was supposed to create!

Even more so, these past two weeks as the Wandering Women's Retreat has truly come together, I realized that sure, I can hop from job to job (the dreams being: park ranger, woofer, adventure leader, even some seasonal work at incredible spots around the states), I can also make a living doing what I truly love. EMPOWERING WOMEN. Through blogging, retreats and eventually dance, and who knows what else!

Brooke and I are constantly brought to tears with gratitude, as we watch our dreams come true. We love what we are doing so deeply, and love each and every person who is involved in any way. This gratitude has flooded into the rest of my life, spread to every depth of this transitional period and kept me totally afloat.

With every step I take into the life I truly belong to I feel more and more grateful and it is with your support I, myself, feel empowered to keep stepping!

With love and deep gratitude,