Luna's Car Tour

Dear Reader,

This week you get to see a whole new side of me, a side emerging from behind the words on your computer screens and coming to life on video. Crazy, I know!

Many of you have been eager to see Luna (my car/home) and her layout! I am really excited to finally unveil her here! She’s a gold, warrior queen, totally ready to take on the world with me. She’s fitted with brand new tires, breaks and a front baring — she may be a little needy but so am I.

So, as soon as Luna’s car repairs were complete and checked off my expense list I started focusing on her interior (this was the fun part, but man was it a bit mind-boggling figuring out how to secure my lights, build my bed, store my gear, etc.) So in this video, I wanted to feature a few important products accompanying me on my trip.

Featured Products:

  • MSR Camp Stove - Pocket Rocket 2

  • My rad plank bed built my Grandpa and Step Dad! It levels out the uneven ground and is easily removable, while being short enough to allow my kitchen to pop up!

  • Rick Steve's Packing Cubes - (A must for in my clothes bin and in my pack when I venture abroad)

  • Copious amounts of Trader Joe's non-perishable food - is it excessive yes? Will I ever carry this amount of food again? No, probably not. But when your mom is willing to buy you food for a birthday present - you don't turn it down!

  • Igloo cooler from Amazon, velcro-ed to the base of the car - so much velcro!

  • My little REI beauty sack - complete with all my shower stuff, a tiny pack of makeup, and my REI Multi-Towel

  • Portable Battery from Amazon

  • Solar Charging Rope lights from Amazon

  • Curtains and bedding from Goodwill of course - because it has to feel like home!

With all that said, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Shoutout to my Mom for her video skills and iMovie for being really easy to navigate - lol!

And there you have it! I still have a few things to get and I’m sure I’ll mess around with organization a million more times along the way, but she’s almost ready to go (even if I’m dragging my feet)!

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow — I’m coming in hot this week! So much to share with you! In such a time of transition I can’t say how much your readership and constant support means to me. It’s the best motivation I could ask for!

Here’s to new adventures and homes on the road!

With love,