Home Is Where You Make It

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Dear Reader,

Today a write to you from a kitchen table (weird I know right?), wrapped in a fluffy robe, sun streaming in the windows. I am in a home, four walls painted with vibrant color surround me, a bed peaks through the doorway to my right, and outside lays a neighborhood to wander through.

In so many ways my heart is full. I am surrounded by community and love, I am peaceful and nourished, my belly is well fed by Texas Barbecue and homemade ceviche, my soul replenished by good music and deep connection. I am filled with gratitude. I mean shoot ya’ll, Trader Joes is walking distance and dance is every Wednesday and Sunday — you know that makes me happy.

Interestingly enough, my body wandered into this city with resistance, but my heart quickly followed, flowing freely, embracing Dallas and the community it holds.

But flow is an interesting phenomenon.

After all , just one week ago I was cozied up between four doors, adorned with command strips and solar lights in a free campground just for me and the wild creatures who sing to my soul and awaken the wild woman within me.

As I flow in and out of connection, in and out of different homes, cities and communities, I do so with such fulfillment, but I also do so with such great fear.

It is all too easy to sink into every spot on this earth that feels good, and simply get stuck. It took great intention not to simply settle in Cinque Terre, just about every spot in Utah, Durango CO, Santa Fe, The French Alps… and now here in Dallas, Texas (who the hell would have guessed).

But here’s what wandering has taught me:

It’s okay to have multiple homes, to be in love with multiple places and lives. It’s okay to hunker down for a while, and it’s equally okay to set back off once again. I am free to find the right balance for myself. I am free to chase after every home I could ever imagine or build. And just because I build multiple homes around the world, does not make any home less special than the other.

Luna will always be my home.

The tiny cabin in Randle, WA I can’t wait to return to will become a beautiful home all of my own.

The city of Dallas and the community and space I sink into now is already a home.

The land outside of Zion National Park in Hurricane, Utah, was my first home on the road and will be a home for me once again.

Each home is unique and different, they are all beautiful and powerful. I come alive in different ways in each home, in each space, in each community.

I must simply listen to the call home when it comes. If I continue to listen, if I continue to follow the call, to wander and create, and hunker and hustle, then my heart will be happy in all its homes.

It does not, and cannot, simply belong to one.

May you find the places around the world that are home to you. Wherever they are, whoever they’re with, however you find them, may they ALL be full of magic, love and healing.

With love,